Lauren K

Training with Braydon:
I’ve been training with Braydon for over a year now and can honestly say he is one of the most knowledgeable and genuine coaches out there.
As a physio I have a pretty good understanding of training principles, human anatomy and biomechanics, yet Braydon has taught me so much about how to train to get the results I want. I came to Braydon with an irritable shoulder (that I had just settled through slow, boring rehab) wanting to get stronger whilst not stirring it up.
Not only has my shoulder never significantly flared, I went from being able to do 0 bodyweight chin ups to 5+ and ticked off many other strength goals along the way.

When I ask for workouts to suit my goals and time schedule, Braydon is adaptable and innovative – I am never bored and always challenged. Expect goal kicking and knowledge bombs working with this one!

Online training:
Switching from in person to online training has been a breeze so far. Braydon uses systems allowing real time adjustments to your program, and can see yours reps/sets/weight tracking.
Through the use of Zoom we are able to have 1:1 session where Braydon can demonstrate exercises and watch me complete them with real-time critiques to make sure my form is on point. Braydon is readily accessible should I have questions and always gets back to me in a timely manner. I am confident training online will continue to get me the results I am after!