Ellen G

I began training with Braydon after a series of health hiccups had left me in a sore and sorry state! Niggling tension, low energy and weight fluctuations had come to a crescendo and my time at the gym would always peak and trough dramatically with an all-or-nothing attitude.

Braydon’s comprehensive knowledge has not only assisted me to resolve significant restrictions with my grip strength and weakness through my lower back, but I have made leaps and bounds with my strength – I never fathomed that I would (or could) be this strong!
It is so empowering to have this renewed sense of stability and trust in my body. Coaching with Braydon has been a catalyst for changes in my mindset aswell as my body composition – I have been able to befriend myself in a whole new light with the support of Braydon’s philosophies and programming.

Every session with Braydon offers a wealth of information about training, recovery, technique and nutrition – information which he shares with warmth and joy. In depth knowledge of his field is matched equally by his passion and very heartfelt desire to help people to thrive. I am ever walking away from sessions having worked incredibly hard but also grinning from ear to ear!

Thank you Braydon for all you have taught me and also for the potential you have seen in me, it has been truly transformative!

– Ellen G