Mia J. Caddy, @jamescaddymusic Age: 8 weeks, 2 days. Height: smol. Weight: @jack_squats bench 1RM Guernsey size: Eddie Betts shorts Enjoys naps and long walks as long as their not too long bcoz sleepy. Avid crows supporter, but wishes both teams could win. 12/10 spuportive of football winning on the day. #weborkasone

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ASP Coaching Course, Level II – been looking forward to this for a while! Running through a bunch of new tips and tricks on training, and a whole bunch on nutrition. Not to mention a handy dose of #DOMS thrown in there for good measure. @benperformancecoach dropping some knowledge bombs πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Some of my favorite takeaways so far has been The 15 degree rule, which is a really functional tool to apply for both ends of the spectrum (rehab & strength) – Wave ladders, a new variation for me, and a good mix up if you’ve had a play with wave loading before #deathbywaves #waveofdeath #greatwave #hokusai Another full day, and like 19000000 sets to go (just kidding, much more intensification this time πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ)

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Had these big ol’ heckin legends come visit and play over the weekend. Even though @jack_squats is lame and only trains bench and upper body because he’s a bro, I got to take @tay.hills through a brootal 6/12/25 and watch @nathan_tanis move some gross heavy things for a new open total record (which is just dumb, congrats mate!) and a mighty fine weekend all around I dare say! Now back into a massive week, prepping for Coach level ✌️️ course at @trainasp this weekend. Stoked and mind blown already! #learneddoctors #learndeadlifts

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You can never hear this enough! If you can’t feel the muscle contracting, check yourself, before you wreck/make no gains with yourself. Mind-muscle connection aka the ability to feel a muscle working, and ability to get a big ol pump makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of an exercise. Maybe if you can feel an exercise, ask why you’re doing it. Is it the exercise, or you that’s the problem? Cheers to @movement.performance for the handy little infographic!

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Ripper seminar yesterday with some of the best and most gluten-supporting in the biz. Thanks for the big ol batch of knowledge bombs from the @rpstrength team! @rpdrjames @rp_dr_melmelgram for a very pragmatic approach to what’s worth your time and what isn’t. Special thanks to @rpdrmike and his grossly big back for taking plenty of time at the end to make sure every single question went answered. And for some of the best analogies and methods I’ve heard since @strengthsensei1 talking about Charlie Sheen and hookers. Just in case I used to have any desire to visit Serbia. Cheers for hosting @ptcsouthmelbourne #carbsandcupping

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