🔸What’s the best way to cross a minefield? Second. . 🔸Your support group, more often than not, will dictate your success. . 🔸While I’m lucky enough to have @benperformancecoach and the team from @trainasp supporting me day in, day out, most people don’t have a workplace that supportive. If you don’t, it’s important to find and spend time around your “tribe” whenever you can, not just when times get tough. . In the long run, no one is truest ever “self-made” – it’s the relationships we build through the process that get us where we want to go.

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🔸How do you motivate yourself? . 🔸A rising tide lifts all ships. Let those who are willing raise the standard. It’s then up to you to decide if you’re willing to swim fast enough to keep up . 🔸Yesterday was a blast at the ICN posing session, good to have the big man @the_strength_student there too. . 🔸Though we’re both competing in the same category – I know how hard he’s working, and that pushes me to dig a bit deeper – does that mean I want any less success for him? No, the better he looks, the harder he pushes, the more I’m going to have to work to keep up! . Huge thanks to @vicstar_11icnposingcoach as well as the rest of the @icn_victoria team. Shout-out to Comrad, pumped to stand next to you with our medals after it all. 😏

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🔸Such a pleasure getting stuck in and helping @benperformancecoach share another fully booked Fat Specialization course to another amazing group of students. . 🔸All the attendees here were pumped to both push themselves hard, and take away as much information as they could get their hands on. It really has opened my eyes to both Ben’s genuine love for sharing information, and shows how the passion from the students can really inspire myself as a coach to constantly try to be better! . 🔸So with a brilliant second leg of this teaching adventure, it’s time to rest & recover (and by that I mean, train and catch a flight home 😂) to get stuck back into 1-1 sessions, and conveying that passion into others, however I’m able to do so. 🔸And for that I am grateful. . A huge thanks to @dragoneye and @optimumperformancestudio for having and supporting us, as well as everyone who came along to invest in themselves and soak up the information!

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Over the next few weeks I’m pumped to have to opportunity to be supporting the ASP Director himself @benperformancecoach to as we take the @trainasp #fatloss and #hypertrophy course to Taiwan and Hong Kong . I’ve always considered my passion and strength to be communication & teaching, and I’m stoked about to opportunity to both share and improve my skill sets as much as possible. . Seeing as I’m in a dieting phase (and Ben is in a forever being jacked & lean phase) I’ll be posting a bunch of content on my story tracking the progress so keep your eyes peeled And let me know if you have any questions – or suggestions for things to check out while I’m over there! (Coffee shop suggestions please!) . – Coach Cadd @benperformancecoach @trainasp #theaspeffect

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🔸CoachCadd’s posing tips… . Make sure your line up is made up of ONLY people genetically more pale, and more smoller than you. . Then out angle the sh*t out of them 😎 – Coach Cadd . @benperformancecoach @trainasp #trainasp

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This one time I held @steft_23 and Twisky’s smol potato. He was totally fine and cool and were still pals even though he ghetto-stomped my right testicle 14 times. . I assume this is what mother Teresa felt like.

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🔸Few big things coming up at @trainasp . Big dog @coachgeorge1 and I will be taking some COMPLIMENTARY workshops (theory and practical) handling everything from working to dial in your Nutrition (almost fully booked), training, and some more specific sessions on training the biceps and how to get the most out of your (pre)workout! . . Head over to @trainasp and keep an eye on the stories of @coachgeorge1 and I for updates.

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