🔸One of the most unexpected side effects of Comp… . 🔸No, it’s not the loss of libido or obsessive fascination with Almond Croissants 😂 . 🔸The camaraderie between competitors was a huge part of what made the prep, but especially the day, amazing. ➖ I’ve heard that Comp day (especially in some of the female categories) can be really tense or even hostile but from my experience, everyone was just happy to be up there giving it a crack! ➖ A huge shoutout to guys like @the_strength_student and @tomkenyon7 who immediately recognized that you can only aim to beat yourself in this game, and that having others – competitors or not – in your corner makes all the difference. ➖ Other guys like @jake_abel_official @jyetapping @stevecristiano.evc who I met late (on the day or a week out) and all did what we could to push each other through to stage. ➖ Now, time for us to all step up, looking forward to seeing all these guys on stage again a few years from now 💪💪💪

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🔸Contest prep is one of the most selfish things you can do. . 🔸I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you are who you associate with. . I could not be more grateful to those around me. I work hard to cultivate an environment I’m proud of, and I’m so blessed to have an amazing, supportive tribe of friends, family, colleagues, even competitors. And very importantly: clients. . All of my clients have been amazing during this process. They’ve seen me grow and struggle. Grind and cruise day in and day out, they know how hard I worked for this – but they also supported me when realistically, I wasn’t the coach they’re used to – despite my best efforts. . I had 5 people drive over from Adelaide to watch me compete, another fly, and so many more there on the day – physically or in spirit! . I could spend all day trying to articulate my appreciation, but I’ll leave it at this: . 🔸 If you’ve been a part of my life, I appreciate you and your support more than you know.

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🔸What an amazing weekend! This weekend has been honestly incredible. . 🔸4 categories; walking away with a 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th placings, hell I’m stoked! . To go from having such an intense focus on a goal, committing to something with an intensity I’ve never really seen before in myself. To see it through the end, and to give literally everything I had to it’s execution. . I’ve loved the journey, and it’s giving me a lot of lessons, and a lot of belief in myself. . Going through this processes has given me even more confidence in the methods and concepts we teach here at ASP! The support and guidance I’ve had through @benperformancecoach and the whole @trainasp team has been so crucial in making this prep as simple and stress free as possible. . Thanks to everyone who helped me during the process – from @vicstar_11icnposingcoach for the posing coaching, to @sarahjadebeauty for brilliant and professional and everyone behind the scenes at @icn_victoria . 🔸It’s been a huge learning experience and I can wait to apply what I’ve learnt to both my own clients, and the seminars and courses moving forward! 💪💪💪

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Mindset Pt I – Stoicism: 🔸If it can be endured, endure it. Stop complaining. – Meditations, Marcus Aurelius (Full passage in comments) . 🔸I love Stoic philosophy, and this passage in particular resonates with me because it very simply divides all of our problems into 2 very black and white categories: – Minor Inconveniences. – Things that will literally kill you. . 🔸Once you know which category your issue fits into, practice treating an inconvenience as it is, not as your emotions tell you it’s got the potential to become. . Something the great man @pattyrogers taught me was this: many of us create space for problems, and waste time stressing, without taking action. Even though realistically, you know in your own head that 6 months (or 1-2weeks) from now, you won’t even remember what you’re going through. . #12days out from @icn_victoria show and couldn’t be more excited! Side note: 4 years(?!) after coaching and supporting me through my powerlifting debut, I (almost) look like I do the #TeamToughLove shirt proud 😂😂😂 @_jac_attack_

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🔸Why you should practice posing💪 . 🔸Sure, it’s true that no one likes that person hogging all the equipment so they can build some #followers for the #gram (#bts #teamnodaysoff) . 🔸However practice posing – intentional muscle control, simply trying to develop an understanding of the symmetry and lines needed to make a pose look good – had taught me such a huge amount about myself and my physique! . Even if you have no intention to compete I highly recommend learning a few basic poses! And take progress photos he same way you might with your body, it’s always great to look back on! . 🔸Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing in this pose 😂 I had never done it before and gave it a crack – not too bad but plenty to work on so I doubt I’ll be jumping into Classic Physique anytime soon. But hey, it’s always good to have your next goal right…

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🔸TOMORROW 12 o’clock! Deadlift session going down! . 🔸Come let me help you dial in your technique, and learn how to correctly apply my favorite lift! . Get there early, a few spots left! 💪💪💪

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