Just a reminder: you’re right on track. Don’t project someone’s life’s achievements (final form) onto your current self. . “One thing to consider about the most brilliant people that have ever lived, is that many of them have spent years and years in a state of complete confusion about what would eventually become their area of expertise. “ – Stephen West, of the “Philosophize This” podcast on Immanuel Kant #trainasp

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Just out hurrrr grinding (see: curling) . This week wraps up 4 phases of focussing on arm specialization. Time to reload before my joints explode 😇 . Now just a life everything-specialization to go!

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2019 goals – are you on track? . Have you thought this through? What DAILY action are you taking? . “If you don’t choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will” – Epictetus . Ps. What ever inspo quote it is, the stoics probably said it first

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Question: what food have you craved during a diet, that was no where near as good as you mentally built it up to be? . #tbt to 1 day out my @icn_victoria debut . First coat of war paint, and about 1.5 million grams of carbs.

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If you look closely, you’ll see 2 distinct things in this photos. . 1. Someone (me) wearing a hat – it happens very rarely (as hats make my already odd-shaped some look somewhat more phallus-like in nature). This was a Kris-Kringle present and says “COACH” across the front. I also constantly carry a whistle on my person at all times now. . 2. Someone (also me) spending more time enjoying the company of family, friends and food, more than worrying about social media or whether or not I’m sticking to my diet plan or hitting macros. . Having a good body is important (why would you not?) but having a great h*ckin life is even more important. . Hope everyone is doing just swimmingly. . Much love, Coach Cadd

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🔸What do you want for Christmas? . I want a big ol mean set of pipes, and I’m definitely going to be well on my way …by this time next year. . Let the running start into 2019 begin!

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🥇Marry an angel. 🥈Own a yacht. 🥉Have the worlds biggest back. Simple man, Simple needs. 🤷‍♂️ For any of you saying it’s unrealistic… Don’t be stupid – Obviously I’ll need the yacht, where else am I supposed to keep my helicopters 😝 📸 @takeovxr 📍 @adelaidefitnesspc

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🔸Not much feels as good as progress. . Except maybe Kewpie Mayonaise. 🍚 Only just getting around to looking at the photos from one of my shoots after Comp. Any volunteers to help me filter through a million poses of me being about as awkward a human as you’ve ever met? 💅🏾

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🔸25 👑 . 24 was big, onto the next. . A list of goals I’m hunting: – Settled into Melbourne ✅ – Worked a (Japanese snow) season in Hakuba – Travelled overseas for work and had the opportunity to help @benperformancecoach do his thing teaching the #aspeffect 💪✅ – Made my debut on the Stage in a physique show ✅ . – 550PL total (finally) ⚪️ – Buy New Zealand ⚪️ – World Domination ⚪️ – Get the worlds biggest back ⚪️ . 📸 @takeovxr @adelaidefitnesspc

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