🔸What do you want for Christmas? . I want a big ol mean set of pipes, and I’m definitely going to be well on my way …by this time next year. . Let the running start into 2019 begin!

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🥇Marry an angel. 🥈Own a yacht. 🥉Have the worlds biggest back. Simple man, Simple needs. 🤷‍♂️ For any of you saying it’s unrealistic… Don’t be stupid – Obviously I’ll need the yacht, where else am I supposed to keep my helicopters 😝 📸 @takeovxr 📍 @adelaidefitnesspc

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🔸25 👑 . 24 was big, onto the next. . A list of goals I’m hunting: – Settled into Melbourne ✅ – Worked a (Japanese snow) season in Hakuba – Travelled overseas for work and had the opportunity to help @benperformancecoach do his thing teaching the #aspeffect 💪✅ – Made my debut on the Stage in a physique show ✅ . – 550PL total (finally) ⚪️ – Buy New Zealand ⚪️ – World Domination ⚪️ – Get the worlds biggest back ⚪️ . 📸 @takeovxr @adelaidefitnesspc

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