s/o this little peanut for putting up with/pretending to appreciate Akira, Supreme, @kithtreats and my attempt at hipster photography every 12-14 seconds. Always nice to find a travel buddy who tolerates their alcohol as well as you. #strong Shame about all the snoring tho.

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Mia J. Caddy, @jamescaddymusic Age: 8 weeks, 2 days. Height: smol. Weight: @jack_squats bench 1RM Guernsey size: Eddie Betts shorts Enjoys naps and long walks as long as their not too long bcoz sleepy. Avid crows supporter, but wishes both teams could win. 12/10 spuportive of football winning on the day. #weborkasone

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ASP Coaching Course, Level II – been looking forward to this for a while! Running through a bunch of new tips and tricks on training, and a whole bunch on nutrition. Not to mention a handy dose of #DOMS thrown in there for good measure. @benperformancecoach dropping some knowledge bombs πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Some of my favorite takeaways so far has been The 15 degree rule, which is a really functional tool to apply for both ends of the spectrum (rehab & strength) – Wave ladders, a new variation for me, and a good mix up if you’ve had a play with wave loading before #deathbywaves #waveofdeath #greatwave #hokusai Another full day, and like 19000000 sets to go (just kidding, much more intensification this time πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ)

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Had these big ol’ heckin legends come visit and play over the weekend. Even though @jack_squats is lame and only trains bench and upper body because he’s a bro, I got to take @tay.hills through a brootal 6/12/25 and watch @nathan_tanis move some gross heavy things for a new open total record (which is just dumb, congrats mate!) and a mighty fine weekend all around I dare say! Now back into a massive week, prepping for Coach level ✌️️ course at @trainasp this weekend. Stoked and mind blown already! #learneddoctors #learndeadlifts

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