An Absurd Approach to Mindset. Stoicism & Absurdism

I don’t really tell many people about my tattoos, because well… it’s a bit fkn hipster isn’t it? However I think there’s one in particular that carries a message I hope someone will take some value from in these absurd times: My most recent tattoo, done by the amazing @uglyink the last time he wasContinue reading “An Absurd Approach to Mindset. Stoicism & Absurdism”

“Sugar Addiction” & Dopamine, real or fake news?

As presented on an ascending scale of science… ness. “Sugar is as addictive as cocaine”… someone who’s clearly never tried cocaine. Counter Argument – Level 1 (Personal anecdote/observation. ie NOT Science) Why aren’t people walking around drinking powerade, or sugar water constantly. or distilling it down to an injectable form? Q: Do you know howContinue reading ““Sugar Addiction” & Dopamine, real or fake news?”

Why I Refuse To Watch The Game Changers

Why I Refuse To Watch X “Documentary” The post I didn’t want to write. I put documentaries in quotation marks, because the term implies a degree of truth. When these films initially started surfacing and making an impact, I spent a lot of time pondering whether or not I had an Ethical or Moral obligationContinue reading “Why I Refuse To Watch The Game Changers”

Know your prime directive.

View on Instagram I consider myself, first and foremost, a communicator. My primary role is to be the best person I can be, so I can help support clients be the beat person they can be in and outside of the gym. Only when I’ve taken one step forward can I help my clientsContinue reading “Know your prime directive.”

How to make friends and poison people.

View on Instagram In the 1920’s, there was a health trend. Something very new, very sexy, and very appealing: Radium. So yeah, like, literally radioactive water… Ain’t hindsight sweet? “Before the atom bomb made radioactivity very scary”, radioactive water was being marketed and sold as a health product. We look back on this asContinue reading “How to make friends and poison people.”

Tips for keeping muscle while on holidays (or taking a break from the gym) – 1️⃣Be in a calorie surplus ✅ If you’re overeating calories, your not very likely to drop much muscle. – ❎ You may however, be fat when you return, so you may need to account for that. – However, providing you’re not too fussed with a bit of extra body fat when you come back (maybe you leaned down a bit before you went on a break) means you shouldn’t stress too much. You’re not likely to “waste away” taking some time off from the gym. – 2️⃣ Prioritize protein ✅ Even with higher calories you still want to make sure you’re getting your protein in. – ✅ Protein helps to both build, and maintain muscle, so it makes sense to focus on that. Chances are all of the holiday food will contain MORE than enough fats and carbs anyway. – 3️⃣ Drink water. Nothing in like is a magic pill Except water. Water is magic. – 🇩🇰 Enjoy yourself, life is about balance (kind of). If you’re used to training hard then a few weeks off won’t kill you, you likely won’t move backwards very far and once you’re back to routine you’ll get back to where you left off pretty quickly! 🇩🇰

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Attempting to cheat or shortcut the progress, is intentionally taking the long route. . Results come from showing up, again and again. Might as well convince yourself you love the journey.

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