Want to bring up a weak body part? – ❌ Don’t just think “train harder”. – ✅ Do Increase Volume More volume, Think outside the box – more volume across the week, month or mesocycle etc! – ❌ Don’t focus on moving the a heavy weight. – ✅ Do focus on progressive overload. Focus on a few key exercises, make sure the form is perfect, and allow yourself to get stronger or do more reps over time! – ❌ Don’t just try new things to try and “shock the muscle”. – ✅ Do emphasize Mind-Muscle connection. Understand the target muscle, and make sure that you feel the exercise in the right place! – For me, shoulders and arms have always been a weak point but I’m determined to make them a highlight! – 💪 What muscles do you find the hardest to grow?? Send me a message and I’ll give you some tips! 💪

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Consider this your daily reminder: ✅ Small steps, taken consistently, take you places faster than you think. – ✅ Start now, you likely already know what you need to do – the only thing left is to commit to taking action 💪 – @trainasp #theaspeffect

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My highlights from this trip? Hands down, conversations with students in our classes. – Teaching, but especially in Asia, has introduced me to some of the most humble, genuine and passionate people I’ve come across in this industry. – From a student trying to change his situation because he doesn’t want to sell people a product they don’t need. – To a father who refuses to raise his prices because he doesn’t want anyone to be excluded because of money. – It’s a nice reminder sometimes, that in this industry over-populated with selfies, detox-teas and “booty blasting” programs from people claiming to be “natural” – most of us started because genuinely want to help people. – So concludes an awesome trip, filled with fantastic students, hard workouts, and plenty of lessons learned! – Too many people to thank but appreciate @fitplantgym & @optimumperformancestudio for having us, as well as @benperformancecoach for putting up with/supporting me. – See you soon melbourne coffee, I love you.

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