Want the secrets to Transforming your body? – Don’t we all! There are no secrets. Just small actions done (or not done) repeatedly. – BUT, to make up for the clickbait tagline – here’s where I’d like you to start 💪 – ✅ Figure out your why! Understanding yourself – The WHY – will be almost, if not more important than the HOW. – ✅ Get your habits in place as a priority. Figure out the minimum steps you need to take daily, then take action. – ✅ Build your support group! The people around you matter, make sure they’re in your corner. – For more on mindset, and A LOT more the practical training & Nutrition @trainasp has some courses coming up across Asia: TAIWAN: 20-24 March, Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Specialization Contact @terrychen0324 – HONG KING: 26th March – 2nd April Hypertrophy, Fat Loss Specialization and ASP Coach Level 1 (First time in Asia) Contact: @optimumperformancestudio

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