Just a reminder: you’re right on track. Don’t project someone’s life’s achievements (final form) onto your current self. . “One thing to consider about the most brilliant people that have ever lived, is that many of them have spent years and years in a state of complete confusion about what would eventually become their area of expertise. “ – Stephen West, of the “Philosophize This” podcast on Immanuel Kant #trainasp

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Just out hurrrr grinding (see: curling) . This week wraps up 4 phases of focussing on arm specialization. Time to reload before my joints explode 😇 . Now just a life everything-specialization to go!

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2019 goals – are you on track? . Have you thought this through? What DAILY action are you taking? . “If you don’t choose what thoughts and images you expose yourself to, someone else will” – Epictetus . Ps. What ever inspo quote it is, the stoics probably said it first

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Question: what food have you craved during a diet, that was no where near as good as you mentally built it up to be? . #tbt to 1 day out my @icn_victoria debut . First coat of war paint, and about 1.5 million grams of carbs.

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