🔸One of the most unexpected side effects of Comp… . 🔸No, it’s not the loss of libido or obsessive fascination with Almond Croissants 😂 . 🔸The camaraderie between competitors was a huge part of what made the prep, but especially the day, amazing. ➖ I’ve heard that Comp day (especially in some of the female categories) can be really tense or even hostile but from my experience, everyone was just happy to be up there giving it a crack! ➖ A huge shoutout to guys like @the_strength_student and @tomkenyon7 who immediately recognized that you can only aim to beat yourself in this game, and that having others – competitors or not – in your corner makes all the difference. ➖ Other guys like @jake_abel_official @jyetapping @stevecristiano.evc who I met late (on the day or a week out) and all did what we could to push each other through to stage. ➖ Now, time for us to all step up, looking forward to seeing all these guys on stage again a few years from now 💪💪💪

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