🔸What an amazing weekend! This weekend has been honestly incredible. . 🔸4 categories; walking away with a 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th placings, hell I’m stoked! . To go from having such an intense focus on a goal, committing to something with an intensity I’ve never really seen before in myself. To see it through the end, and to give literally everything I had to it’s execution. . I’ve loved the journey, and it’s giving me a lot of lessons, and a lot of belief in myself. . Going through this processes has given me even more confidence in the methods and concepts we teach here at ASP! The support and guidance I’ve had through @benperformancecoach and the whole @trainasp team has been so crucial in making this prep as simple and stress free as possible. . Thanks to everyone who helped me during the process – from @vicstar_11icnposingcoach for the posing coaching, to @sarahjadebeauty for brilliant and professional and everyone behind the scenes at @icn_victoria . 🔸It’s been a huge learning experience and I can wait to apply what I’ve learnt to both my own clients, and the seminars and courses moving forward! 💪💪💪

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