🔸Contest prep is one of the most selfish things you can do. . 🔸I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you are who you associate with. . I could not be more grateful to those around me. I work hard to cultivate an environment I’m proud of, and I’m so blessed to have an amazing, supportive tribe of friends, family, colleagues, even competitors. And very importantly: clients. . All of my clients have been amazing during this process. They’ve seen me grow and struggle. Grind and cruise day in and day out, they know how hard I worked for this – but they also supported me when realistically, I wasn’t the coach they’re used to – despite my best efforts. . I had 5 people drive over from Adelaide to watch me compete, another fly, and so many more there on the day – physically or in spirit! . I could spend all day trying to articulate my appreciation, but I’ll leave it at this: . 🔸 If you’ve been a part of my life, I appreciate you and your support more than you know.

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🔸What an amazing weekend! This weekend has been honestly incredible. . 🔸4 categories; walking away with a 1st/2nd/3rd and 4th placings, hell I’m stoked! . To go from having such an intense focus on a goal, committing to something with an intensity I’ve never really seen before in myself. To see it through the end, and to give literally everything I had to it’s execution. . I’ve loved the journey, and it’s giving me a lot of lessons, and a lot of belief in myself. . Going through this processes has given me even more confidence in the methods and concepts we teach here at ASP! The support and guidance I’ve had through @benperformancecoach and the whole @trainasp team has been so crucial in making this prep as simple and stress free as possible. . Thanks to everyone who helped me during the process – from @vicstar_11icnposingcoach for the posing coaching, to @sarahjadebeauty for brilliant and professional and everyone behind the scenes at @icn_victoria . 🔸It’s been a huge learning experience and I can wait to apply what I’ve learnt to both my own clients, and the seminars and courses moving forward! 💪💪💪

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Mindset Pt I – Stoicism: 🔸If it can be endured, endure it. Stop complaining. – Meditations, Marcus Aurelius (Full passage in comments) . 🔸I love Stoic philosophy, and this passage in particular resonates with me because it very simply divides all of our problems into 2 very black and white categories: – Minor Inconveniences. – Things that will literally kill you. . 🔸Once you know which category your issue fits into, practice treating an inconvenience as it is, not as your emotions tell you it’s got the potential to become. . Something the great man @pattyrogers taught me was this: many of us create space for problems, and waste time stressing, without taking action. Even though realistically, you know in your own head that 6 months (or 1-2weeks) from now, you won’t even remember what you’re going through. . #12days out from @icn_victoria show and couldn’t be more excited! Side note: 4 years(?!) after coaching and supporting me through my powerlifting debut, I (almost) look like I do the #TeamToughLove shirt proud 😂😂😂 @_jac_attack_

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