🔸Why you should practice posing💪 . 🔸Sure, it’s true that no one likes that person hogging all the equipment so they can build some #followers for the #gram (#bts #teamnodaysoff) . 🔸However practice posing – intentional muscle control, simply trying to develop an understanding of the symmetry and lines needed to make a pose look good – had taught me such a huge amount about myself and my physique! . Even if you have no intention to compete I highly recommend learning a few basic poses! And take progress photos he same way you might with your body, it’s always great to look back on! . 🔸Disclaimer: I have no idea what I’m doing in this pose 😂 I had never done it before and gave it a crack – not too bad but plenty to work on so I doubt I’ll be jumping into Classic Physique anytime soon. But hey, it’s always good to have your next goal right…

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