#Repost @coachcadd I usually keep gym stuff to a minimum on this account, however one of the reasons I love the journey of “coming back” after a trip or layoff from the gym is that it allows me to go through the process from a similar place as a client would. It always give me an appreciation for the highs and lows of the journey. ・・・ On making progress, and getting the ball rolling… . Takeaway point: Consistency 🔸KISS – Nail the basics 🔸Follow the system 🔸Trust the process . Well well, pretty bang on 2 months down since Getting back from Japan, here’s what’s been happening: 🔸Up 8kg 82>90, been holding 90kg for about 3weeks now. So it’s time to jack up cals and get serious. . Been focusing on a few things to get back on track: 🔸Building Volume, Simplicity & Intensity – Simple movements, and either adding sets, or increasing weight depending on he program/protocol. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple and apply stick to Occam’s Razor & KISS are generally good systems 80% of the time. Nail the basics of progressive overload and save he fancy stuff for when you need it. 🔸Calories & Protein – This is my first little venture into tracking my macro intake. It’s been an invaluable process! Not because it revolutionized anything I was doing, but it helped keep me accountable to myself. . Honestly I wish I could say it’s been some magic system, or a celebrity eBook I’ve applied. But everyone who’s been around for long enough knows that it just take a few simple things, applied with intensity, over a long period of time. . – Coach Cadd . @benperformancecoach @trainasp #theaspeffect

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