🔸Few big things coming up at @trainasp . Big dog @coachgeorge1 and I will be taking some COMPLIMENTARY workshops (theory and practical) handling everything from working to dial in your Nutrition (almost fully booked), training, and some more specific sessions on training the biceps and how to get the most out of your (pre)workout! . . Head over to @trainasp and keep an eye on the stories of @coachgeorge1 and I for updates.

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#Repost @coachcadd I usually keep gym stuff to a minimum on this account, however one of the reasons I love the journey of “coming back” after a trip or layoff from the gym is that it allows me to go through the process from a similar place as a client would. It always give me an appreciation for the highs and lows of the journey. ・・・ On making progress, and getting the ball rolling… . Takeaway point: Consistency 🔸KISS – Nail the basics 🔸Follow the system 🔸Trust the process . Well well, pretty bang on 2 months down since Getting back from Japan, here’s what’s been happening: 🔸Up 8kg 82>90, been holding 90kg for about 3weeks now. So it’s time to jack up cals and get serious. . Been focusing on a few things to get back on track: 🔸Building Volume, Simplicity & Intensity – Simple movements, and either adding sets, or increasing weight depending on he program/protocol. Sometimes it pays to keep things simple and apply stick to Occam’s Razor & KISS are generally good systems 80% of the time. Nail the basics of progressive overload and save he fancy stuff for when you need it. 🔸Calories & Protein – This is my first little venture into tracking my macro intake. It’s been an invaluable process! Not because it revolutionized anything I was doing, but it helped keep me accountable to myself. . Honestly I wish I could say it’s been some magic system, or a celebrity eBook I’ve applied. But everyone who’s been around for long enough knows that it just take a few simple things, applied with intensity, over a long period of time. . – Coach Cadd . @benperformancecoach @trainasp #theaspeffect

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