Feel stressed? How’s your sleep? Do you even relax bro? Your priorities are wrong. If you have limited money/time/effort supplements, put invest in your #recovery Training hard and performing day in and day out is easy when you feel good. Here’s a few of my favs in constant rotation: – Magnesium, fixes everything. Fact. I personally take @bioceuticals Muscleze and GABAmag from @trilogy_nutrition – Melatonin; darkness signaler in the body, also helps to reset/force adaptations in body clock. Has been shown to have some links to depression in people who are deficient in it. – Inositol: a carb which functions as a powerful adaptogen, meaning it’s very effective and returning the body to baseline. Whether that mean turning down arousal or helping bump up energy! Also, some studies have shown Inositol to be as good, or better than both placebos and even #SSRI anti-depressants! Bonus points: as always, pro and pre biotics, because #guthealth is everything. And you need that to be better pls. Try downloading flux on you laptop, or turning on the night mode on your phone before bed. It’s not as good as no electronic devices, but everything helps! Remember, sleep is everything y’all! Also Phenibut, but I haven’t tried it! If anyone has I’d love to hear your experiences, or whatever has worked for you?

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