If only it was that easy, right? – *Trigger warning* If you get stressed ordering food of a menu, you’ll probably get stressed making life altering decisions 🤐😂 – Ever said you’re going through an “Existential Crisis”? Ever overthink the big picture (or meaning of life?) Here’s something to think about, hope it helps or challenges you: – How about trying this: Take the next reasonable opportunity presented to you, and make it your mission to commit fully to that task. How long for? Where will that take you? Who knows – probably longer than you think and not where you expected. If/when something better comes along – take that opportunity and repeat. – Existentialism itself emphasizes the individuals ability to choose & act out of free will. – According to my boi Kierkegaard (aka a pioneer of Existential Philosophy); by forfeiting (stalling) your ability to act/make a decision, you’re giving up what it means to be an individual. You’re a sheep meow, waiting to be told what to do. – That doesn’t sound great, does it? – What if it turns out you took the “wrong” opportunity? Easy fix: If/when something better comes along – take that opportunity and repeat. – To summarize: a lot of anxiety comes not from the decision itself, but from delaying the decision. Use only the time needed to truly assess your options, and practice exercising your terrifying right to be an individual doomed to make choices and stand by the consequences.

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Want to bring up a weak body part? – ❌ Don’t just think “train harder”. – ✅ Do Increase Volume More volume, Think outside the box – more volume across the week, month or mesocycle etc! – ❌ Don’t focus on moving the a heavy weight. – ✅ Do focus on progressive overload. Focus on a few key exercises, make sure the form is perfect, and allow yourself to get stronger or do more reps over time! – ❌ Don’t just try new things to try and “shock the muscle”. – ✅ Do emphasize Mind-Muscle connection. Understand the target muscle, and make sure that you feel the exercise in the right place! – For me, shoulders and arms have always been a weak point but I’m determined to make them a highlight! – 💪 What muscles do you find the hardest to grow?? Send me a message and I’ll give you some tips! 💪

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