Want the secrets to Transforming your body? – Don’t we all! There are no secrets. Just small actions done (or not done) repeatedly. – BUT, to make up for the clickbait tagline – here’s where I’d like you to start 💪 – ✅ Figure out your why! Understanding yourself – The WHY – will be almost, if not more important than the HOW. – ✅ Get your habits in place as a priority. Figure out the minimum steps you need to take daily, then take action. – ✅ Build your support group! The people around you matter, make sure they’re in your corner. – For more on mindset, and A LOT more the practical training & Nutrition @trainasp has some courses coming up across Asia: TAIWAN: 20-24 March, Hypertrophy and Fat Loss Specialization Contact @terrychen0324 – HONG KING: 26th March – 2nd April Hypertrophy, Fat Loss Specialization and ASP Coach Level 1 (First time in Asia) Contact: @optimumperformancestudio

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Huge congrats to these lads competing in their first Comp over the weekend . (Skinny guy also shown: Pat) . The main reason I competed myself was so that I would be able to fully understand my clients and what they go through during a prep – these two guys trusted me through that process and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity. . Both @kakadrea and @fitnesslife880 (soon to be @theindianadonis ) gave everything me they had over the past few months. They both trained their arses off, took control of their diets and generally just did what they needed to in order to get the job done. . Just the start for these guys, can’t wait to see where they can push to from here!💪 . Huge shout out to the rest of the team and @pdhammes @benperformancecoach for putting in the extra time behind the scenes to make sure everything was dialed in to a tee! . If you’ve thought about competing, or have a questions, shoot me through a DM @trainasp . Cheers to everyone at @icn_victoria As well and posing coaches and judges on their ongoing support in helping the sport to grow!

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You know what excites me more than Strength gainz?! . Hormonal gainz. Blood work gainz. Confidence gainz & behavioral changes. . Seeing a client walk into the gym wearing a singlet for the first time, or having the confidence to rock a pair of booty shorts in summer. . At the end of the day, most people train to feel good about themselves. And getting the opportunity to earn a living from that? That’s pretty h*ckin sweet. . 📸@coachgeorge1

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Just a reminder: you’re right on track. Don’t project someone’s life’s achievements (final form) onto your current self. . “One thing to consider about the most brilliant people that have ever lived, is that many of them have spent years and years in a state of complete confusion about what would eventually become their area of expertise. “ – Stephen West, of the “Philosophize This” podcast on Immanuel Kant #trainasp

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